Unlike many people’s belief, current ways of recycling in global textile industry create so many issues environmentally.  For example, a large portion of packaging materials is produced in Asia and shipped to all over the globe, e.g., North America, Europe, etc., then it gets shipped back to Asia for recycling.  This process creates a lot of carbon footprint from the collecting, transporting (trucking, ocean-shipment, etc.), etc.  Another example is that conventional recycling processes involve use of enormous amount of chemicals for cleaning dirt contains in plastic wastes.  In addition, most of the current recycling is done through heavy mechanical crushing of plastics which in turn creates a large quantity of microplastic contaminations in our water systems. Furthermore, there are many other implications of recycling such as decreased strength of fibers, additional processes of heavily harmful processes for environment such as dyeing, etc., involved in most of the whole recycling processes currently practiced in the industry (Refer to the graphics below for more details).  

In recognition of such issues described above, a new method is needed to reclaim textile and plastic wastes in a way which can be truly beneficial for the environment.  One of such method is the technology platform developed by HEAT-MX.  The CLEAN RECYCLING INITIATIVE was created based on the proposal from HEAT-MX as the founding platform and is the industry’s first open source program for everyone not only in the textile / plastic industry but also all consumers across the globe for future enhancements.  Currently, HEAT-MX’s two proprietary technology platforms are offered as an important part of the CLEAN RECYCLING INITIATIVE and they are IN-LINE METHOD and POST CONSUMPTION METHOD.  Although CLEAN RECYCLING INITIATIVE is based on proprietary technology platforms, HEAT-MX is sharing it as an open-source program and will work with all other companies, i.e., brands, factories, distributors, etc., all around the globe in the industry to implement it for truly sustainable recycling.  

With the above, whether you are a person in the textiles / plastic industry or a consumer, you can all
help the truly sustainable program grow by participating in the CLEAN RECYCLING INITIATIVE.  To participate, please contact us at  for more details.

issues associated with current ways of recycling

issues with current recycling process

truly sustainable solutions provided by clean recycling initiative

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